Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Product Features

Dual Power Input

This TPMS Device come with built in Lithium Battery and charged by dual power supplies - Solar Power Charging & USB charging port. It's also come with automatic power conservation function, when idle and parking without moving/vibration, the unit will shut down the power by itself, when ignition of the vehicle is ON, the unit will start up its screen and start reading data from the sensors and display it accordingly.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Device Dimension

The TPMS Device consist of the Main unit and 4 pcs of Tyres Sensors, all equipped with built in battery. Size of the Main Unit (Reader) : (L X W X H) 95 x 80 x 26 mm, it can be easily install on your vehicle's dashboard without any cable needed. Size of the Sensor : (H x D) 16 x 21 mm which is slightly bigger than original air valve cap on any tyre. The sensors will constantly sending tyre condition measurement (Pressure and Temperature Data) to the Reader, the reader will provide alert if the set value has falls below pressure level or above the safe temperature level

Installation Diagram

Easy Installation

Sensor installation is easy and not complicate at all:- (1) Remove valve cap and insert lock nut onto the tyre air valve inlet; (2)Install sensor onto the tyre air valve inlet (turn clockwise to close until no “hissing” sound); (3)Turn the lock nut (Anti clockwise) to lock against the sensor; (4) Use the screw nut locking tool provided in the package to tighten both lock nut and hand tighten the sensor (Precautious : Don’t over tighten) (5) Use soap water to test the tightness and ensure there are no air bubble exit from the sensor

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