Complete Smart Wheel System Beyond Flat Tire Solutions

Get Helps on How to Detect Tire Pressure?

Gets tire pressure reading instantly

How Was The Temperature of Your Vehicle's Tire?

Gets temperature reading instantly

Try to figure out How to fix a Flat Tire?

Trying fix and change flat tire yourself but not competence to do it?

Having a Weird Noise from Your Vehicle's Wheel? Worrying to Carry On With Your Journey?

Something went wrong with the wheel and you still need to hit the road to your destination

With our Smart Wheel System, you do not need to worry that anymore !!

Smart Auxiliary Kit
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Smart Wheel System
Smart Wheel System beyond flat tire solutions

Smart Wheel System consist of two main components :-

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS (Pre-event alert device) &

  • Smart Auxiliary Kit (Post-event rescue device).

The complete Smart Wheel System assist driver like you to be worry free on the road and at the same time being able to minimize any unforeseen circumstances to occur.

Smart Wheel System
Flat tire, burst tire, brake jam, bearing jam, wheel problem, nut broken

Unforeseen circumstances could happen without warning due to mechanical failure and material fatigue or wear & tear. Event such as burst tire, brake freezes, bearing freezes and punctured tire can be happened without prediction. With the real time Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in place, you are able to immediate detect not only the tire pressure (In case of any air leaks) as well as its temperature (Mechanical failure that causes the temperature arise), couple with the Smart Auxiliary Kit, you can continue your journey more than 500+ km with safe speed of 40 ~ 60km/hour to reach a repair shop for rectification of the wheel failures problem.

Smart Wheel System
Flat tire, burst tire, brake jam, bearing jam, wheel problem, nut broken

One may think that no big deal when come to tire management especially about the tire pressure as well as other wheel related problems. The consequences can be minor or even severe which lead to lost control, fire hazard and tire or rim damages which will cost a lot more when it is happen to you. Research by also shows that with proper maintaining of tire pressure can lead to fuel saving and reduce tire wear & tear. Smart Wheel System able to provide a complete solutions that overcomes the above mentioned problems in due diligent.

Comparison of Solutions
Comparison of Solutions

Our Smart Auxiliary Kit designed to cater beyond flat tire solutions, which able to assist not even flat tire situation, but including situation such as brake jammed, bearing jammed, burst & dislodged tire wheel where by other solution in the market unable to provide the same !

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is designed to capture the tire pressure and temperature reading from your vehicle’s tire and provide Pre-Alert information through the receiver or reader installed on your car dashboard.  You can then monitor the condition of your vehicle tyres/tires in real-time basis.  Our solar powered TPMS device come with the complete sensors and reader which can be easily installed to any type of vehicles and it is wireless.

The Smart Auxiliary Kit is a rescue device designed to help vehicle that may encounter a wheel problem to continue its journey with providing a rapid solutions to the problem.  Our solution is to provide a simpler and more stable structure which the front plate and the rear plate of the Smart Auxiliary Kit will automatically hold the affected tire (tyre) and then user can drive normally at speed of 40~60km/h to continue journey for at least 500+ km distance. It is light weight (Approximately 10 kg), portable and easy to store as it is fold-able to save space in the cargo compartment.  With our product, you do not need to worry about how to replace spare tire (tyre) or dealing with brake freeze, bearing freeze and burst tire (tyre) situation anymore.

Purchase once, you may use it for more than 10 years and is maintenance free.

Maximum allowable weight is 2,600 kg per wheel per session

Current Smart Auxiliary Kit designed suitable for 13″, 14″, 15″ & 16″ wheel with tire size maximum 225/65R/16.  Please refer our Product Feature page for more info

Both products are designed to provide solution to road user in the event of flat/puncture tire happened.  However, Chemical based product only used once and limited to attend ONLY punctured tire situation, whereas, Smart Auxiliary Kit can be applied for burst tire, brake freeze, bearing freeze situation which beyond flat tire situation (Purchase once, you may use it for more than 10 years and is maintenance free.).  Furthermore, Chemical product required proper way to discard the after-used canister which is not environmental friendly in this case.

Our source of products are direct patent design manufacturer (Under EUIPO Registered No. : 006365821-0001 & PCT No. PCT/CN2019/089300) and authentic in term of product design, quality and functionality.  Please be aware of counterfeit product in the market where similar outlook, identical in term of color / structure, however, the main different about counterfeit product is that it is not “Fold-able” type and the quality of the “wheel designs” looks low-grade and unstable.  Please refer to our Product Features page for details.

Yes, Smart Auxiliary Kit can be apply for any side of the wheel regardless it is front or rear wheel drive system as long as it is equipped with Open Differential system.  However, it is not advisable to use for any vehicle with Limited Split Differential (LSD) system such as Super car and automatic full time four wheel drive vehicle.  Please consult with your vehicle dealer for the type of Differential system before purchase of Smart Auxiliary Kit.

Certainly yes, you just need to drive as normal.  However, please observe the travelling speed and do not above 40 km/hr (if applied with front/ steering wheel) and 60 km/hr (if applied with rear wheel)

Ensure the safety latching belt has fasten properly before moving on the road.  When approaching speed bump, avoid of apply sudden braking and ensure drive slowly when crossing speed bump.


All our products come with One Year Warranty on manufacturing defects.

All our products come with Operation Manual booklet for easy references , and we also provide online tutorial for certain products range depends on the availability.  We also can provide 1 to 1 Live instruction session if require by customer upon request.

Product Video - How to Use Smart Auxiliary Kit

Product Features

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